Harbour Plaza - Metropolis
Harbour Plaza - North Point
Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel
YMCA of Hong Kong
Royal View Hotel
Royal Park Hotel
City Garden Hotel
Metropark Hotel Mongkok

Butterfield's (In TaiKoo Place)

The Banqueting House御苑皇宴
Maxim's Caterers Ltd美心集團
Choi Fook Holdings Ltd彩福控股
Ho Choi Group好彩集團
Crystal Harbour Restaurant天澄閣
Unicorn Restaurant麒麟閣酒家
Golden Palace Seaview Banquet Hall金殿海景宴會廰
Wong Shing Banquet Hall煌城宴會廳
Hon Po Group景逸軒, 京華, 京寶
Fung Shing Restaurant Group鳳城飲食集團